descriptionSmall temp redis-based pastebin server.
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Small temp redis-based pastebin server.

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This is a daemon that is meant to run behind a HTTP reverse proxy such as Caddy, Lighttpd, or Haproxy.

You can use whichever RP you want, though.

You’ll need a daemon manager, such as systemd or supervisord, to keep it alive in a reliable way.

You’ll also need a redis server, in which to store temporary pastes.


$ paste -h
Usage of ./paste:
  -config string
        Path to directory containing the configuration file (default ".")

By default, paste is configured to run in a simple way, without any required configuration.

If you have a custom configuration store you want to use, you can use the CLI argument -config to provide a custom directory in which paste can find a paste.<ext> configuration file.



By default, Paste uses the viper configuration library, thus supporting every configuration format viper supports.

However, I’d recommend going for TOML, a pretty simple, but strict, clear, and well-designed, configuration format.

The following configuration variables are available.

You should put the configuration file inside the process' working directory, or provide a path to the folder containing the configuration file using the associated flag.

You can also provide configurations through the environment.

Since the environment keys are case-insensitive, Http.Host is the exact same as HTTP.HOST.

The loading order is:

An example configuration can be found below.

Configuration example

Default values are kept for Redis.Password and Redis.Database.

The host is configured in a TOML file, put in the PWD.

# paste.toml
host = ""

The Redis remote server address is configured through the environment.


Prometheus stats

Paste (since v2.0.0) comes with built-in support for Prometheus stats.

The following stats are available.

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